Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in South Pasadena California
Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in South Pasadena California
Cheap car insurance quotes in South Pasadena California

Cheap car insurance is not out of reach for anyone. In fact, you can find an affordable quote for your car insurance right in your own zip code. There are many different companies offering car insurance, and it's important to compare them to get the best possible price. Getting several quotes at once can help you save money in the long run.


Geico has long been a reliable source for cheap car insurance quotes in South Pasadene, California. Its policy premiums are based on a variety of factors, including age, gender, driving history, and credit score. With cheap car insurance quotes in South Pasadena, California, residents can compare and contrast their policies to find the best deal.

Pasadena drivers aged 60 and older pay the lowest rates, at about $1999. Drivers in their 50s pay a little more, but they still pay less than $1,500 a year. The most expensive rates are for teenagers, who pay $8,189 a year - six times as much as the next highest rate.

Geico is the cheapest car insurance company in California. Its minimum liability policy costs $15000 per person, $30000 per accident, and includes $5,000 in property damage coverage. It also includes comprehensive and collision coverage. All of these policies cost less than $390 per year, which is about 35% less than the California average. Mercury and Geico offer the best quotes for young drivers after an accident.

Geico offers cheap car insurance quotes in South Passadena, California for drivers aged 18-34. The company has a wide range of coverage options, which can meet the specific needs of every driver. For instance, some drivers are in a high-traffic neighborhood and need collision coverage, while others are concerned about minimum coverage. Insurers also consider driver's age and driving record when determining what type of coverage is right for them.


Mercury is a company known for providing affordable car insurance rates. These cheap quotes also come with a range of discounts. For example, a Mercury policyholder will receive a 15 percent discount for the cost of a homeowners or auto policy. In addition to offering great insurance rates, Mercury also provides excellent customer service and support.

Mercury has several car insurance plans that are affordable for teen drivers. The company's average rate for young drivers is $3,980 a year. The company also offers an affordable rate for speeding tickets, which is 40% less than the California average. Mercury's monthly rate is $370, which is nearly $400 less than the state average of $8,285 per year.

The cost of car insurance in South Pasadena is highly variable. Drivers in their 60s tend to pay the least amount, just under $1997 annually. Drivers in their 50s typically pay slightly more than $188 per month. Teenagers have some of the highest rates, with an average annual premium of $8,189 - about $6,190 more than the next highest rate.


In South Pasadena, California, auto insurance rates vary significantly. Typically, drivers in their 50s and 60s pay the lowest monthly premiums. The most expensive premiums are typically faced by teenagers. These drivers pay an average of $8,189 per year, which is about $6,190 more than the second-highest rate. It's important to compare rates before making a decision.

When comparing car insurance quotes, you should pay close attention to your driving history. If you have a clean driving history, your rates will be lower. But, if you have a blemished record, you may need to pay more. Reckless driving citations and DUI violations can raise your premiums by as much as $3,74 a month. To avoid these rate hikes, you should drive safely and avoid tickets.

The cost of insurance quotes will vary significantly, depending on how much coverage you need. While it may not be necessary to get full coverage, it can be useful to have an idea of how much coverage you'll need. You can also use an insurance agent to help you decide if you need optional coverage.


Getting an AARP cheap car insurance quote in South Pasadena California is easy - you can go online and request a quote in a matter of minutes. The website will ask you for some basic information, such as your gender, driving history, and vehicle type. It will then provide you with a variety of quotes from local companies. These quotes will be compared, so you can see the differences before making a decision.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers insurance through their partner, The Hartford Group. Founded in 1958, AARP is a nonprofit membership organization for people age 50 and older. Its insurance program is tailored to the needs of AARP members, which makes it a great choice for those in their golden years. It also offers a wide range of discounts, including the ability to pay less for your policy.

AARP members also get discounts at some local businesses. AARP members can get 20% off their annual membership fees at Allstate Roadside. They can also get 10% off a car rental or truck rental from Budget Rent A Car. Hertz also offers 20% off base rates for its customers. Thrifty, Sixt, and Payless Car Rental are also offering 5% discounts for seniors.

State minimums

If you live in South Pasadena, California, you should be aware of the state minimums for car insurance. These requirements are based on the age and gender of the driver. Generally, women pay less for auto insurance than men. Married women pay the least, at $1,598 per year. Teenagers and young adults without any driving experience pay more.

While you'll have to pay state minimums to drive legally, most insurance experts recommend carrying more coverage than this. Car accidents can be expensive, and damages and injuries can exceed the limits of your insurance. Furthermore, many car loans require full coverage, so it's important to carry more than the minimum amount.

However, there are ways to reduce your car insurance premiums. For example, consider going on the policy of an older driver or a family member. This way, you can get a lower rate than the minimum amount. In addition, consider lowering your deductible.

California requires drivers to carry liability insurance. This policy covers bodily injuries and property damage. This policy is the least expensive type of insurance, but it also provides the least protection. By law, California drivers must carry at least $50K in bodily injury and $30,000 in property damage insurance. However, these policies do not cover any other damages that may occur to the other driver in a collision.

Marital status

If you're married and have more than one car, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance premiums. Insurers typically assign rates based on risk, and married people generally have a better financial foundation than single people. Married people may also qualify for additional discounts.

The Insurance Information Institute reports that married people have a lower chance of being injured in an accident than unmarried drivers. Marital status may also qualify you for additional discounts, including a multi-car discount and a policy bundling discount. These discounts vary, so it's important to shop around.


The gender of a driver can affect the cost of car insurance. Drivers in their fifties and older typically pay less than those in their twenties. In Pasadena, drivers in their thirties and twenties pay higher rates than those in their forties. Single, female drivers pay slightly less than their male counterparts.

Car insurance premiums are typically based on many factors, including age, gender, driving history, credit score, and vehicle make and model. Insurers may also use a driver's ZIP code to determine their rates. By comparing auto insurance premiums, Pasadena residents can determine which insurance companies offer the best rates.

As a general rule, female drivers are typically charged less than their male counterparts, but the gender gap begins to shrink as the driver's age increases. Male drivers are still statistically at higher risk for an accident than their female counterparts. In addition, young males are more likely to be involved in accidents than their female counterparts.